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Validity parameters control the application of a Policy to an email. An Active Policy is applied to emails, and an Expired Policy is ignored by Mimecast. Validity can be controlled manually, and Policies can also be automatically set to expire on a certain date. By default policies are set to apply Eternally.   Policy Validity also allows certain…
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Anyone dealt with Office 365 Anti-Spoofing? We did not use previously, but I see Microsoft is pushing out to all tenants on 10/12.   KB/Announcement   I've been happy with Mimecast's anti-spoofing, but I'm concerned about potential conflicts when Microsoft rolls the feature out.
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Mimecast tables, queues, and viewers display information on email data for a specific length of time. A summary of these is displayed below:   …
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Application Settings definitions control the behavior of Mimecast end user applications and the level of user access to Mimecast services. If a user is denied access to Mimecast Mobile operating systems (e.g. Blackberry, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone), it means application settings in the definition have not been enabled correctly for the user…
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