Mimecast Security Agent Overview

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The Mimecast Security Agent is an endpoint application for Windows and MacOS. It:

  • Works in conjunction with Mimecast Web Security to offer protection on user's devices, while they are on or off the corporate network (e.g. roaming or using public Wi-Fi).
  • Removes the need to deploy a Mimecast certificate to view our block and warning pages for sites using SSL certificate (https://). This is because it automatically installs the Mimecast SSL certificate into your system's keychain / certification root.
  • Allows users to log onto the agent to provide a granular policy based on users (SMTP Address), groups, or domains.
  • Allows administrators to easily track user activity in their organization via reporting.


The Mimecast Security Agent currently supports English (US) and German languages.


Supported OS Matrix


(tick) Supported  (error) Not Supported


Operating SystemSupportedVDI Solutions ( e.g Citrix, VMware)
Windows 10 (Pro/Enterprise)(tick)(tick)
Windows 8.1 (Pro/Enterprise)(tick)(tick)
Windows 7 (Pro/Enterprise)(tick)(tick)
Windows Server OS ( e.g 2012/2016/2019)(error)(error)
Mac OS 10.12 +(tick)Not Applicable 
iOS 12 + (iPhone & iPad)Coming SoonNot Applicable 
Android 9 +(error)Not Applicable 

Windows Home Edition version is not supported.

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